Technical Details

Realty Landing uses WordPress, the most popular content management framework on the Internet that powers 29% of all websites as of the time of this writing.

This is good news for your website flexibility. This means that the content you have put on your website is easily transferrable to other website frameworks or a more custom WordPress site. Odds are also pretty likely that you will continue to use WordPress if you decide to switch away from Realty Landing and go with more custom development.

Also, you retain control of your information and URL’s. Whether you buy your URL from GoDaddy, Hover, Namecheap, or the many, many other domain name registries, the website address will always remain under your control. We will never ask for access to your domain name registry account. To switch your website to another solution, simply¬†point your URL to a different server before canceling your subscription to experience 0 downtime.

The point of Realty Landing is to provide real estate agents with a quick, professional, and reliable solution to having a website. Many solutions out there are cheap, but time-consuming. Many others require little-to-no time on your behalf, but often require hiring an expensive web developer. Realty Landing aims to fix these issues by providing a cheap, quick, and professional-looking website to impress your clients and represent the face of your practice.

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